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Corneal Evaluation & Contact Lens Fitting

A contact lens service includes an evaluation, prescription, fitting, instructions, trial lenses and follow-up visits for 6 months. This is a separate service from but requires a recent comprehensive eye exam within 3 months. Most insurance benefits do not cover the contact lens evaluation & fitting. Some plans will give a percentage off or an allowance toward contacts instead of glasses. Ask us about Discount & Rebate offers for contact lenses!

What is included in a corneal evaluation and contact lens fitting service?

Thorough evaluation of your eyes, checking:

  • for allergies possibly related to contact lens wear
  • tear film for dryness
  • corneal health
  • under eyelids for possible reaction to contact lens wear
  • for adverse reactions to contact lens wear such as inflammation, infections, or ulcers
  • pupil size
  • for positioning and movement of lens

Measurements are taken of the front surface of the eyes in order to properly fit each patient. When evaluating a patient for contacts, patient lifetsyle and age can play a role.

Frequently, contact lens manufacturers update their lenses and introduce new lenses. Newer contacts can be healthier, allowing for more oxygen transmission. Our doctors enjoy providing their patients with the latest in contact lens technology.

Also included in your evaluation…

  • Insertion and removal directions
  • Any follow-up visits related to the contact lens fit within 6 months of the exam
  • Contact lens solution starter kit with cases
  • Diagnostic lens to try before you buy
  • Mail-in rebates
  • Free shipping when you order a 6-month supply or more
  • 20% off a year supply if your insurance does not have a contact lens benefit (yes, this can be combined with rebates)

Contact lenses are like any other prescription medication. There are guidelines to follow for wearing them, caring for them, and maintaining them. They have an expiration date like all other medications. A spectacle (eyeglass) prescription is not the same as a contact lens prescription.